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January 2009  

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The Codification of GAAP

Webster defines codification as “the act, process, or result of arranging in a systematic form or code.” The FASB is currently in the process of codifying what we currently know as U.S. GAAP. This codification will forever change the way we do accounting research.

The Codification is scheduled to become effective in July of this year.  At that time the Codification will become the single source of authoritative U.S. GAAP for all nongovernmental entities, superseding all non-SEC accounting and reporting standards. The Codification is the initial step in preparing U.S. accounting standards for convergence with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

The Codification has been designed to present all of the authoritative accounting and financial reporting literature in a single, integrated offering using an online, real-time database. The FASB has been careful to state that the Codification doesn’t change GAAP and that the project’s goal was not to create any new GAAP. However, the FASB has added selected items to the Codification that don’t presently exist in the authoritative standards, which will, indeed, create GAAP in limited situations.


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ARTICLE TBD, continued

Continued from above...

What’s included?
The Codification is generally comprised of the authoritative literature included in levels A through D of the current GAAP hierarchy. As a result, the Codification is made up of a smorgasbord of pronouncements issued by various standard-setting bodies over the years. The Codification also includes selected content issued by the SEC. However, the SEC content isn’t a complete representation of all rules, regulations, and other guidance relevant to public companies and does not replace or amend any guidance issued by the SEC or its staff.

What’s not included?
It is important to note that the FASB has not included some standards in their entirety. They identified some content included in the standards as nonessential content and, therefore, has excluded it from the Codification. Examples of such nonessential content include summaries of existing standards and summaries of constituent feedback.
The Codification doesn’t include standards for state and local governments. It also excludes guidance included in Level E of the current GAAP hierarchy, such as accounting textbooks and articles. In developing the Codification, the FASB used a target effective date of December 31, 2008. Accordingly, the Codification excludes certain content that is currently applicable but will be superseded or outdated by December 31, 2008.

The FASB also excluded from the Codification certain items referred to as “grandfathered materials.” That includes guidance such as pooling of interests in a business combination, stock compensation for nonpublic entities, and pension transition assets or obligations.

How is it organized?
The Codification is generally organized in a hierarchical structure by topic, subtopic, section, and subsection. Therefore, under each topic, there may be multiple subtopics, which may, in turn, have multiple sections and subsections beneath them. Each topic, subtopic, and section is assigned a specific numeric code. Topics are the broadest categorization of content and represent a collection of related guidance.

Future Codification Updates
In the future, all new standards the FASB issues will include two parts: the Standard and the Codification Update Instructions.

Shortly, how you conduct accounting research will change drastically. The Codification should represent an improvement over the current structure. However, the Codification brings with it a whole new set of challenges. With new terminology, numbering schemes, and organization structure to get acquainted with, now is the time to get on board. If you perform accounting research now, or intend to do so in the future, you had better start familiarizing yourself with the Codification. 

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